Four Seasons Property Management

Past Due

So let’s talk about delinquent accounts. The key is to communicate as much as possible so that everybody knows how much they are, when they are due, the delinquency policy, etc. If they fail to pay by the deadline, they know why and how it will impact their account. Many do not contact the HOA to ask for payment options, they just decide to not pay. The HOA will usually work with owners if they communicate, but we will not track you down and provide options. FSPM does give you only a cell phone number, 317-710-7502, to contact if you would like to work a reasonable payment plan, but you need to communicate, and it must be in writing. It is not fair to other owners who pay, on time, so an additional $199, $350, a lien, or even a foreclosure on the home are tools that penalize those past due owners, so please make sure you understand your options, but please do not wait until it has been turned over to the HOA attorney, otherwise, you probably have incurred unwanted fees, that you must pay.

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